About 7 years ago I received a Polo Ralph Lauren wallet as a  Christmas gift. Back then I’m guessing big handy dandy briefcases were in trend. I’m no longer a fan of the bulging wallet. If you’re lucky enough, a man should only have one natural bulge.

The good news is that I’ve decided to begin the search for a new wallet. I know for a fact that I’m not only man in need of a new one. For those who are still in denial or ready for change read thoroughly to understand the proper wallet etiquette.

A man’s wallet must be functional, presentable and chic. 


Functional: A wallet should always have enough space to fit a source of identification, credit cards, cash and pictures. Although a wallet may have the space that does mean to over fill every compartment. It’s no secret that most Americans enjoy the idea of credit card debt like a teenage boy enjoys the idea of losing his virginity. (Fun fact: The average American has seven credit cards). Carry only two cards, preferably a credit and debit card are ideal. Yes electronic payment is popular but we can’t forget about cash. I prefer to have cash on me at all times. Carrying cash can be convenient when tipping a waitress, paying for tolls and more. 

Be sure to keep one form of ID. People who carry their driver’s license, passport, middle school ID, and social security card give me anxiety. Carrying all these items is unnecessary and is the first sig when I diagnose a wallet stuffer.

If business cards apply to you, carry 5-10 at a time to avoid bulk. Carrying a photo of a loved one is never a bad idea. Many people use photos as a source of motivation

Items that do not belong in your wallet: Receipts, phone numbers, condoms, coins and pictures of your ex.

Presentable and Chic

A presentable wallet may change time to time. If you’re carrying around a Call of Duty wallet with Velcro straps and a possible business partner or customer ask you for a business card, they might not take you serious. Two recommended styles for a men’s wallet is a slim or bi-fold wallet. The reason being that a bi-fold or slim wallet are the least bulky and won’t give the appearance of gluteus maximus injections gone wrong. I know a few but what average man wants people thinking he has a%$ injections. 

A bi-fold or slim wallet can be used in any setting rather it be a casual encounter or business related. These two types of wallets also do less damage on a pair dress pants.

Fashion tip: In the world of wallets a darker color is considered chic.