PESOSX releases look book featuring a new collection of baseball hats and a flipped version of the Vestments DHL t-shirt. The new collection is titled The Grand Theft Appropriated Concepts For The Block. After seeing the brands first release and now the second its clear PESOSX gives no f$%ks when it comes to recreating a design and making it his own. PESOSX created a season 2 and season 3 hat based off of Kanye’s clothing line even using his name. Using a celebrities name without permission and or paying them for something you created with their name on it and on top of that sell it, is hands down bold as f*&k!  At this point we’re wondering when Kanye’s team is going to send PESOSX a cease and desist.

There’s no doubt the brand is fire; every HRC staff that viewed the PESOSX look book fell in love with the ” so help me god” hat. “ so help me god” was one of the potential names for Kanye’s last Album he named The Life of Pablo (TLOP). Once again PESOSX bites off of Kanye West and makes a dope ass hat!

The washes, color schemes and the added distressed detail set these hats apart from the hats we all see being sold on Instagram and Tumblr. Its clear PESOSX new merchandise is based off of Kanye’s brand but there was clearly creative thought put into the design of the hats. Pay attention to the PESOSX tags on the inside of the hat and that alone tells us this brand is providing quality.



Everything about the PESOSX brand screams rebel and from the looks of social media the brand is for sure driven by urban culture. We weren’t able to get ahold of every picture in the look book so we’re providing you with links directly to PESOSX.


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