Connecticut creatives, Jerlyn Cespedes (Pesosx) and Christopher Porcher (Topher) released their first IOS app titled “Celebrity Love Triangle.” The app is a slot machine game, inspired by Hollywood’s most talked about relationships. The goal of the game is to match current couples, ex couples and enemies to earn points. The game is filled with animations and voice-overs for each celebrity.

The app is just the first project released through Cespedes and Porchers new company, ” Dirty Internet.”   All of Cespedes and Porchers future joint projects will be released under The Dirty Internet. Cespedes currently serves at the Chief Designer and Porcher as the Chief Creative Director. Dirty Internet is a developer of millennial products and free to play games for smart phones and tablet devices. Dirty Internet is focused on creating mobile applications and products that relate to the culture and the future of millennials.